Pool Information


No More Daily Walk-ins
Beginning this season, the pool no longer allows daily walk-ins for $10. Anyone who wishes to swim must purchase pool passes in advance. They come in sheets of ten for $100. To purchase, call:
Karen Haworth - (571) 259-1413 / cdsquared@verizon.net
Deborah Cooper - (703) 819-6226 / dcooper1951@gmail.com

Safety First
  • The speed limit entering the park is 10 MPH.
  • Deposit litter (including your dog's) in one of our trash receptacles.
  • Normal pool rules apply that comply with Fairfax County, our specific situation, and common sense.
    • The basic rule:  No rough play or actions that detract from the pool experience of others.
    • Dives are allowed only from the diving board and only one at a time.
(See complete pool rules here)
Contact a pool committee member below to volunteer, for information, or to express comments and concerns:
Karen Haworth - (571) 259-1413 / cdsquared@verizon.net
Annmarie MacDonald Kelly - (703) 731-7773

  • Memorial Day ➞ Last Day of School:  Weekdays, 4-8 p.m.; Weekends, Noon-8 p.m.
  • School Summer Vacation ➞ Labor Day:  Daily, Noon-8 p.m.
  • We rent the pool to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, Fairfax. For quiet time, arrange your pool visits not to conflict with their schedule: To be determined.